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Control State Spirits Trends Uneven in Short Run, Steady As She Goes over Long Haul

Just like beer biz, spirits’ trends bounce around month to month. For example, control state liquor volume up 4.4% in Aug, NABCA just reported, following soft Jul, very strong Jun, etc.  But look longterm and spirits’ health hangin’ in.  Running 12-mo liquor volume in control states is +2.5% thru Aug.  Yeah, that’s down slightly from 2016 trend, but just 0.2 off avg +2.7% for running 12-mo trends thru each of the last 16 months.  Meanwhile, spirits’ dollar sales up 4.6% in control states for 12 mos thru Aug.

By the way, spirits outperformed beer in each of 17 control states for 12 mos thru Aug, looking at Beer Inst estimates for state shipments.  While spirits up in 15 of 17 control states for 12 mos, beer up in just 4.  In biggest control mkts, beer off 0.7% in PA while spirits +2.9%; beer -2.7% in VA, spirits +2.8%; beer up 0.9% in NC, spirits +3.4%; beer -1.2% in MI, spirits +0.7%.  Only state where it’s really close: beer +3% in OR for 12 mos, spirits +3.4%.


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  • Year: 2017
  • Volume: 19
  • Issue #: 181
Read 55 times Last modified on 11/16/2017

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