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C-Stores Sagging with Overall Scans in ’17; Top Economy Brands Hang In As Premiums Fade (excerpt)

What’s shakin’ in #1 beer channel in 2017?  It too is soft, changing picture as trading up surges, economy segment firms simultaneously.  C-stores still about 28 share of industry volume, 1/3 of off-premise volume, Beer Inst economist Michael Uhrich estimates.  Channel volume -0.7% yr-to-date thru Sep 9 in Nielsen scans.  That follows 0.2% gain in 2016, 0.5% gains previous 2 yrs.  Dollar sales up just 0.9% this yr, following 2.5-3.5% gains in previous 3 yrs. So, less volume and less pricing, not a formula for improved results.

Even so, trading up stayed strong in c-stores.  Above premium picked up 2.7 share of $$ (to 37.8, still well behind above premium’s near-58 share of grocery $$), 2 share of volume.  Premium biz shed 2.2 share of c-store $$ this yr.  Economy lost just 0.5 share of $$ in channel and held volume share.  AB and MC each off 2-3% ($$ and volume) in c-stores, Constellation +13-15%.  Heineken and Boston each doin’ better in c-stores than grocery and overall.  Indeed, each built dollar sales in c-stores, tho their $$ down across scans.  Diageo and Mike’s outperforming as FMBs rival premiums in c-stores.

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  • Year: 2017
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  • Issue #: 18
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