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Summer Share Shifts (Cont’d): AB, MC Down 4 Share of $$ for 12 Wks in IRI; Mike’s, Boston Up 4

While total industry $$ sales up 16% for 12 weeks thru Aug 9 in IRI multi-outlet + convenience, FMBs (including seltzer) up 76% and gained 6 share to 18.  Not far behind imports at 19.6 share. But AB and MC now  under 55 share of $$ in IRI for 12 weeks. AB at 37.3 share of $$ and Molson Coors at 17.5.  Each of top 2 dropped 2 share of $$ in period (tho AB improving as summer goes on; down 1.2 share for 4 weeks).  Constellation Brands down 0.6 share for 4 weeks, but down only 0.1 share for 12 weeks to 14.2.  Meanwhile, Mike’s gained 2.77 share to 7.05 same period. And Boston up 1.4 share to 5 share of $$.  So Mike’s and Boston gained 4.2 share of $$ for 12 weeks thru Aug 9.  And top 5 still over 80 share.   


Aug 21, 2020; INSIGHTS Express, Vol 22, No 178


Domestic Taxpaid Shipments Score Second Straight Gain; Mar Flips Positive; More Revisions Coming 

Shipments picture improving, slowly but surely.  Domestic brewers’ taxpaid shipments up for 2d straight mo in Jul, estimates Beer Inst: +280K bbls, +1.9%.  That follows 700K-bbl pop in June.  Then too, BI upped its Mar figure from -70K bbls, to +130K bbls, +0.9%.  So, 7-mo domestic shipments now -707K bbls, -0.7%.  And Beer Inst still “expecting significant revisions” from TTB for most mos this yr.  While import shipments took a big hit in Q2 (-27%) and -14% for 6 mos, good chance that final figures for domestic shipments may be close to even thru Jul.


 Aug 20, 2020; INSIGHTS Express, Vol 22, No 177