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Imports Up  2.4% in 1st Half; Mexican Imports Up 4%

With 4% growth in Jun, imports finished 1st half up just 448K bbls, 2.4%.  And that includes 4 consecutive months of growth, as Beer Inst’s chief economist Michael Uhrich pointed out.  Mexican imports still lead the way, capturing more growth than segment as a whole, but at slower pace. Mexican imports up 522K bbls, 4.1% in 1st half and grew to be 71.5 share of segment. Dutch shipments down 107K bbls, 4.9%.  Dutch shipments another 11 share of segment. Canadian shipments down 19K bbls, 2.7%.  Belgian shipments up 112K bbls, 12%, including 40% jump in Jun. Irish shipments up 17K, 3.5%.  Those 5 countries over 90% of imports. 

Rising But Smaller Stars, Peroni and Heineken 0.0 Even looking at country #s, 2 rising stars among imports stand out.  Number 7 importing country now is Italy, up almost 50K bbls, 47% in 1st half and that’s gotta be driven by Peroni.  Same situation with Dutch no-alcohol shipments, which jumped 31K bbls, 266% to 43K bbls.  And that’s gotta be almost entirely Heineken 0.0. Dutch NAs climbed from 16 share of import NAs to 38. 

INSIGHTS Express, Vol 21, No 158; August 5, 2019


Jun Taxpaids -5.2%; Total US Shipments Volume Off Near 1% in 1st Half; Better than STR Trend?  

With one less shipping day, domestic brewers taxpaid shipments tumbled 850K bbls, 5.2% in Jun, Beer Inst economist Michael Uhrich estimates.  For 6 mos, taxpaids -1.3 mil bbls, -1.5%. Import gain thru May was 346K bbls, 2.3%. With Jun import report still to come, looks like total US shipments down about 750K bbls -0.7% or so in 1st half.  Meanwhile, AB InBev reported industry STRs -2.8% in Q2, following 1.6% decline in Q1. That implies STRs off more than 2% Jan-Jun. A one-pt difference amounts to about 1 mil bbls. What’s the diff? Not totally clear, but higher inventories and tuff-to-measure taproom biz (that’s not STRs) probably part of explanation.     

INSIGHTS Express, Vol 21, No 150; July 25, 2019



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